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Cleaning concepts

Cleaning in the food sector places very special demands on every company - but also on every employee involved. In order to permanently achieve a good hygienic standard, an intelligent system is required that covers a number of factors. Our cleaning concept is entirely in the sense of this holistic system idea.

Simple application

Clear system of cleaning agents
Our cleaning products are ideally matched to each other. The number of products used is kept to a minimum and product overruns are avoided. This saves costs, the cleaning system is clearly structured, hygiene plans (with color coding) can be created on the products.

Uniform labeling and description
All products are marked according to current conditions. You will find clear instructions for use and dosing instructions for the correct use of our products.

One contact for all products
For all questions concerning cleaning and hygiene, a personal sales consultant is at your disposal. For acute questions or problems, we provide short-term help. Possible problems are fixed quickly and easily.

Documents and information

Equipment with all relevant documents
When you switch to Renosan products, you automatically receive all relevant information on the products used:

  • Safety data sheets
  • Instructions for use
  • Operating instructions
  • Certificates of harmlessness

Automatic "update"
On request, we regularly inform you about changes in our product portfolio and send you the most recent documents automatically.

The Renosan service promise

We instruct your employees in the handling of our cleaning products, prepare dosing instructions and check the correct dosage setting of your dishwashers - free of charge.

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Technical solutions

Dosing technology for dishwashers
If necessary, we equip your dishwashers with state-of-the-art dosing technology to ensure accurate and economical dosing of the dishwashing detergent.

Dosing stations for all-purpose or disinfecting cleaners
In order to achieve a uniform and reliable cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces, we can equip your plant with a dosing station. Particularly in the case of surface disinfection, a correct mixing ratio is decisive. Pre-metering prevents errors and limits the use of material.

All technical equipment has been tested for years and designed for professional use. Our employees regularly check the installed devices and dosing stations for proper function and correct dosing. You can therefore rely on the fact that the cleaning products are always consumed sufficiently, but sparingly and evenly.