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Our service features

Creation of cleaning concepts

Our employees will be happy to visit you in your company and advise you individually on the use of cleaning products. We create a tailor-made cleaning concept for your company. So you can be sure that you are using the right cleaning products as sparingly as possible and that the company hygiene is right.

Support with the product changeover

In order to make the changeover of cleaning agents smooth and quick, our local staff will be happy to visit your production site and branches. There, the dishwashers are set to use Renosan dishwashing detergent, and above all the employees are trained on the new products.

Cleaning plans

On request, we can create tailor-made cleaning plans for your company. The hygiene plans take into account current regulations and are easy to understand for all employees due to their clear structure and color coding.

Simple hygiene check

Our employees consider specific critical positions during their visits. Weak points are displayed and can be remedied at an early stage

Employee training

Your employees are trained with regard to hygiene in the company and personal hygiene. Depending on the knowledge, basic knowledge of hygiene, dangers and correct behavior is given. The use of cleaning products or the correct dosage also explain the use of Renosan directly on site and support the correct application.

Regular check of dishwashing machines

Our local employee visits your company at regular intervals. He checks the dosage of detergent and rinse aid in your dishwashers, at the same time the technical function is checked. The regular control and adjustment of the detergent dosage ensures an always consistent washing result and helps to avoid possible damage to the washware or the dishwasher.

Installing soap dispensers & Dosing pumps

On request, our service technicians take over the installation of Renosan soap dispensers & dosing pumps and check the devices at regular intervals. Please note: Electrical connections must be connected for reasons of liability by an electrician or, if necessary, by your house technician.

All services described are free of charge for you!