Frequently asked Questions

How do I clean my oven?

For regular cleaning, we recommend Biosan all-purpose cleaner in a dilution of 1:50. This corresponds to about 20ml of Biosan in a spray bottle of water. Biosan dissolves grease and baking residues, as well as burnt-on crusts. Biosan can also be sprayed on the warm oven! After a few minutes, you can simply wipe the crusts with a sponge or cloth.

If the oven has not been cleaned for some time?

If the oven has not been cleaned for some time, you can mix Biosan with water in a dilution of 1: 5 and remove the burnt crusts. If this does not help we recommend cleaning spray (with strong detachment foam) or oven intensive cleaner. This allows you to clean your oven, fat baking equipment and other encrusted surfaces effortlessly.

What do I need to consider for dishwashers for machines?

What is decisive is what comes out in the end. This is especially true for dishwashers and dishwasher detergents. Only when the items to be washed get clean out of the machine you can work economically. The high quality of Renosan's dishwashing detergent ensures a radiant clean wash results even during the first wash cycle. Aluminum, metal and other sensitive items are protected by special protective materials. Rinse aid ensures streak-free gloss and a faster drying of the items to be washed.

Do I have to descale my dishwasher?

This depends first of all on the water hardness. In soft water the machine does not calcify as quickly as if you have very hard water. However, we recommend to decalcify the dishwasher at least once a year. The pump, the water pipes and the rinse arms are freed not only of lime but also of impurities. Regular descaling gets the efficiency of your machine and prevents expensive failures.

How do I get my baking sheets, box shapes, etc. clean?

This is actually quite simple. You need a heated immersion bath, in which you can heat the sheet and mold cleaner Record-pro to approx. 65 ° C. Into this hot dip you place your metal sheets and molds for at least two hours. Box shapes should be immersed for at least four hours. After the exposure time, you can simply remove the metal plate from the immersion bath and spray it with a high pressure cleaner. So you get clean sheets and shapes!

Can I rinse the plates and molds in the dishwasher?

In principle, yes. For the first basic cleaning, however, we recommend rinsing with the high-pressure cleaner, since you can work more specifically here. In addition, the higher pressure will better remove encrustations.

How do I have to clean my Oven racks?

Best with the foam system from Renosan. You need a compressed-air foam device, with which you can create a stable foam. The foam unit is filled with a 1 liter rack cleaner, 0.5 liter frother and 6 liters of water. Then you can foam your carriages from top to bottom with a special foam lance. The cleansing foam also adheres to the vertical surfaces, under the support rails and on all surfaces which are difficult to access. After about half an hour, even stubborn incrustations are softened and can be sprayed with the high pressure cleaner!

What can I do against black stains on fermenters?

These black spots should definitely fight, since it is mold fungus. Removable towels are best washed in the washing machine and then immersed for about 30 minutes in a plastic bin in Mouldex. Then wring the cloths and wash them again, without detergent. With a firm covering, you must thoroughly wash the fabric with clear water. Then spray or mouldex Mouldex on the fabric. Leave Mouldex between 5 minutes and an hour. For sensitive substances / z. Felt) only briefly and use neutralizer. Then thoroughly wash the strings with a lot of clear water. Mold fungi, fungus spores and discoloration in the material are reliably removed. In both cases, you must allow the fabric to dry thoroughly after treatment.