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Skin protection program

In most foodstuff services, the hands are the most important tool in everyday work. At the same time, however, the skin is heavily strained by frequent hand washing, long glove handling or by using cleaning agents or other aggressive materials. Skin diseases are therefore by far the largest area of occupational diseases (> 50%). Chronic skin diseases lead in part to several weeks of work accidents and cause high costs. As an employer, you are obliged to minimize all professional risks for your employees by means of suitable protective measures (such as gloves, skin protection and care products, etc.).

We support you with your company's skin protection with the Renosan skin protection system according to the TOP principle:


Technical measures:

  • Use of cleaning and disinfecting systems
  • Installation von Portionsspendern und Dosierhilfen

Organizational measures:

  • Creation of binding skin protection and hygiene plans for your company
  • Provision of operating instructions for the handling of hazardous substances

Personal measures:

  • Controlling of your workflows and implementing necessary adjustments
  • Training your employees

Our products with intelligent skin protection:


Skin protection
Our skin protection cream provides a protective layer on the skin within a very short time and strengthens the body's defensive function. The drying of the skin with frequent hand washing and with regular disinfection of the hands is thereby significantly reduced.

Skin cleansing
Hand soap liquid is a mild, antibacterial creme soap for frequent hand washing. Gentle creaminess and mild protective materials ensure well-groomed hands. Antibacterial ingredients reduce the germ count on the hands and offer best protection.


Skin care
Skin Care Cream is a fast-absorbing skin cream without color and fragrances. The skin is regenerated especially with frequent hand washing and regular disinfection. Drying of the skin is permanently avoided and the protective layer of the skin is preserved.

Renosan Hand disinfection is a fast-acting preparation for disinfecting hands. The remedy has refatting ingredients that allow repeated use without drying the skin. Renosan hand disinfection dry on the skin, does not leave any residue and has bactericidal, fungicidal and virus-inactivating effect.

All our products have been specially developed for use in food processing plants and are particularly suitable for regular application within the framework of an operational skin protection system.