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Oven rack cleaning

Renosan oven rack cleaner is an alkaline cleaning agent for softening and dissolving baked encrustations, baking and grease residues on stainless steel wagons. The concentrate is processed together with a foamer, water and a compressed air foam to a powerful foam. Renosan oven rack cleaner quickly and even crusts old crusts.

Foam cleaning

Floor cleaning with Renomax and compressed air foam unit.

Renomax P is a ready-to-use, highly alkaline foam cleaner for use in mobile foam systems and foam-rack washing systems. Ideal for the removal of strongly burned or resinified deposits. Suitable for all alkaline-resistant surfaces.

Application Renosan Power Cleaner

Renosan Power Cleaner is a grease and crust-free all-purpose cleaner for all heavier soiling in the production and kitchen areas. Applicable on all surfaces.

Wiping surfaces is simply added to the hot wiping water. Apply with a cloth, cloth or the like evenly and leave to act. Then wipe with clean water.

Surface cleaning with Biosan

Biosan is ideal for cleaning all surfaces such as stainless steel, metal, plastic, acrylic, tiles, glass, wood. Biosan does not attack the surfaces and still acts quickly and thoroughly. The good material compatibility makes Biosan an ideal cleaning agent for ovens, extractor hoods, grills, cookers, ovens, tables, worktops, blankets and walls. Even plastic linings of ceilings and walls with Biosan quickly become bright and clean again.