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Hygiene training

All offers related to hygiene management are offered by our Renocheck department

Ingrid Kleespies

Dipl. Ing. Food Technology

Christian Trüber

Dipl. Ökotrophologe
Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

Every food company has to train its employees in questions of food hygiene at regular intervals. On the one hand, it is important to sensitize your own employees to the topic - on the other hand, different legal requirements must be met:

§§ 42/43 Infection Protection (IfSG): First instruction according to the Infection Protection Act before starting work in the food sector, then every 2 years follow-up instruction
Hygiene training according to VO (EG) 852/2004: Annual instruction for all employees in food processing companies
Hygiene training in accordance with § 4 Food Hygiene Regulation (LMHV): Mandatory, one-off training for employees who come into contact with perishable food.
Due to the different legal requirements, up-to-date specialist knowledge and detailed industry information are essential. All of our speakers are well-trained food specialists and teach according to the current legal situation.

Our hygiene training courses are individually adapted to your company. Critical issues are addressed openly in the analysis.

Course Overview:

  • Basics of food microbiology
  • Food law & HACCP principles
  • Storage of perishable food
  • Avoid cross-contamination
  • Good hygiene practice based on the flow of goods
  • Danger from perishable food
  • MHD / use-by date
  • Appliance hygiene
  • Threats from pest infestation and preventive measures
  • Correct use of disinfectants and cleaning agents
  • Dangers due to incorrect dosing of cleaning agents
  • personal hygiene
  • Wear hygienic work clothes
  • Behavior when recognizing symptoms of illness
  • Preventive behavior
  • notification requirements

Only those who adhere to hygienic work processes and bring a high level of personal hygiene can produce high-quality products. In the hygiene training that we carry out, your company is explicitly dealt with, weak points are specifically addressed. Ideally, the critical points are discussed in advance with the person responsible. During the training, the necessary hygiene measures are explained to employees in a plausible and understandable manner using examples. All participants receive a training confirmation and training documents for reading.

NEW: Renocheck e-learning portal

Above a certain company size, it is difficult to regularly gather all employees on certain training dates. Through our web-based training portal, we offer a simple solution on how you can provide your employees with training content, sample films and documents directly.

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There are numerous training courses on various topics available on our platform. The training courses are each divided into several lessons, followed by a knowledge review. A certificate of attendance is issued to each employee upon completion. In addition, you can set your own training courses, instructions and videos at any time and assign them to different employee groups or individual employees.