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HACCP Concepts

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Ingrid Kleespies

Dipl. Ing. Food Technology

Christian Trüber

Dipl. Ökotrophologe
Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

The EU Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 on food hygiene, which was implemented on 1 January 2006, obligates all foodstuffs to establish a self-monitoring system in accordance with HACCP principles. HACCP is derived from the term "hazard analysis and critical control points" and means "risk analysis and determination of critical control points". Within the scope of such a control system, health risks are to be preemptively excluded and the safety of food and consumers ensured.

The following points must be implemented within the scope of a HAACP concept:

1.      Identification of hazards
2.      Determination of critical control points
3.      Definition of limit values
4.      Establishment of a system for monitoring critical control points
5.      Determination of corrective measures
6.      Establishment of regularly implemented verification procedures
7.      Ensure the correct implementation and compliance with all directives

On the basis of these HACCP principles, our food experts develop a comprehensive hygiene concept that is specifically adapted to your individual requirements and events. Together with you, we define a generally valid hygienic standard for your production and all branches in this process. On request, we also take care of the qualifications of your employees as well as the regular monitoring of the defined standards.

Your advantages of a HACCP system:

  • Compliance with statutory requirements
  • Reduction of personal and entrepreneurial risk
  • Better consumer protection
  • Increased product quality
  • Productivity increase by avoiding rejects
  • Image acquisition by strengthening customer confidence
  • Increase competitiveness

You see: A lively and continuously adapted HACCP concept has many advantages. Contact us!